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biblical truths on fear and worry

In serving God, do not fear the task, do not fear the opposition, do not fear its completion. Look to God first, He will be your strength and helper. Nothing is too big for Him.

Look to God for discretion and understanding in whatever work He has called you to. Press on without fear for His work will always be completed.

God is our protector and provider, let Him be your place of peace and comfort, He keeps the enemy of fear from attacking.

Don’t be blinded by unfounded fears. Be satisfied with what you have and know that we have an eternal hope.

God is able to extinguish the pain of hurtful words and drive away the source of fear.

Do not make things out to be worse than they are; turn to God so that our eyes are open to see things as they really are. God is larger than anything.

Do not allow fear to hold you back from boldly speaking the truth.

Those that have trust and confidence in the promises of God have no worries when it comes to giving of themselves in service to God. Trust God, seek first His kingdom, then other things will be added.

Do not be afraid to approach those in a position of higher authority than you. In the same way encourage those that you may have authority over, as God encourages us to approach Him.

When we worship the Lord and seek His truth, deception and lies are exposed giving us confidence to press on undaunted.

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