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biblical truths on fear and worry

Even the angels in heaven fear and worship the Lord, they praise His mighty name. Let us be filled with a holy awe and give Him the honor that only He is worthy of.

Glory dwells with those who worship the Lord, those who have salvation in Christ. He is with us!

When our paths seem dark and dangerous God is able to lead us through them safely. God can use the same path that leads us to safety to conquer our enemies.

Honor God and praise His name, give Him your heart and your prayers, for only He is worthy of your worship and devotion.

You alone are to be worshiped; we stand in awe of Your greatness and give thanks for salvation through Christ. Be still, and know that God, is God!

The psalmist was given a heart for prayer, worship the Lord and encourage others by declaring the spiritual blessings God has provided to you.

From the ends of the earth we stand in awe at your wondrous signs and miracles. You are the daybreak and the sunset of the day that never ends.

Through Christ we commit ourselves to the Father with promises of obedience. What better blessing is there than the inheritance for those who worship the Lord.

Christ is our banner we proudly raise! He is our example of honor, unity and love who provides strength, courage and ultimate victory against evil.

Believers know that man has no power except that which God has given him. When we trust in the promises of God we are not afraid.

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