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biblical truths on fear and worry

Those who worship Him have His promise of peace and security and to work things for their good.

Worship the Lord and heed the call of His Spirit to avoid sin, consider the consequences and the harm it bring to us and our witness.

Who could think to worship anyone besides the God whose kingdom rules over all things!

Sin deprives us of God’s blessings; though evil men seem to prosper, God’s judgments are certain.

Even the waves know the boundaries that God has established for them; therefore discipline yourself and exercise the fear of God He has instilled within you.

Empowered by the Spirit we share the gospel message of Christ who was sent on our behalf to defend against evil, so that across the earth all will bow down and worship the Father.

Those who trust and worship the Lord honor Him and have an inheritance.

Child of God, be encouraged! Place your confidence and trust in the name of the Lord and stand in awe of His majesty and grace.

The Lord is the foundation on which we stand; He is fair and just, always protecting His people and providing wisdom and knowledge to those who worship Him.

All the gifts and grace of the Holy Spirit abide in Christ, our counselor. He is our example of courage and truth in advancing the gospel and our encouragement in the worshiping the Lord.

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