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biblical truths on fear and worry

The righteousness of God that dwells within us is sufficient to deliver us from worry.

Do not let the anger of those that are against God cause you to be afraid or worry, their threats are ultimately snuffed out.

Live your life in a way that is pleasing to God because it is good for both the body and the soul, and alleviates our worry as we look back on our short lives.

Do not get bogged down and worry over the little things in life. If we wait for conditions to be perfect before sowing seed we will never reap the fruit.

Do not worry about what happens in this world or even what God is up to. His ways are above our ways, and He is able to use all things for His good.

Be glad and generous with what God has given. Take pleasure in the work you have been called to. Having a cheerful heart and attitude is a great blessin

Those that are prone to anxiousness discover that the more worldly they are, the more anxious they become. Make God your refuge.

When we are equipped with the word of God we are effectively prepared to face the chill of fear during life’s storms.

Don’t let evil people worry you; don’t be envious of them.

Anxiousness and fear are disabling to our heart and spirit. The prescription is a good word from God, obtained through prayer and put to use in faith.

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