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biblical truths on fear and worry

When we worship the Lord and seek His truth, deception and lies are exposed giving us confidence to press on undaunted.

Direct your heart to God, who provides confidence and comfort. Be strengthened by reminding yourself of God’s goodness and promises.

Regardless of the daily distractions of life, set aside time to be in communion with God, who provides safety and comfort.

The reassurance from a loyal friend is comforting and able to calm our worry, the love and comfort from the Lord endures forever, He never waivers.

Do not be afraid of the arrogant that ridicule you because of your faith, but have confidence in the promptings of the spirit. By divine guidance and determination fear is slayed.

Our previous experiences in trusting God are an encouragement that prepares us when undertaking new battles for Him.

Hold strong to your faith in God; be encouraged by reminding yourself of previous blessings and victories over fear and worry.

Do not fear. You have committed all this evil, yet do not turn aside from following the LORD, but serve the LORD with all your heart.

If a prophet can provide answers to questions that have yet to be asked, how much more can God understand our thoughts and deepest worries from far off?

Earnest prayer is a comfort to our soul; we trust that when we leave our worries with Him, He will answer in a way that is most fitting for us.

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365 Fear Nots