biblical truths on fear and worry

Undaunted by what lies ahead we eagerly press on with fearless courage.

We have no reason to fear a man, we are all formed the same way. We are like clay pots molded by the cracks of life, let the light of Jesus shine brightly through!

Real wisdom only comes from God. So worship Him with all reverence and turn from evil for understanding.

Do not allow the worries of life give you cause to lose hope, for a time is coming when a glorious light will shine through the darkness. Look to the light of God and worship Him.

Hope is a pillar of the soul. Those with hope in God, through grace, have no reason to worry or be afraid.

Set your heart on God and reach out to Him with the full assurance of faith that we are washed with the blood of Christ.

Though we may stumble we need not be afraid, for we have a peace that allows us to be encouraged by the power and greatness of God, even during trials.

We have holy security and confidence because of our hope in God’s protection and provision.

God takes great pleasure when our faith is strong to provide victory over temptation. Let your faith be strengthened by each victory and give Him praise!

God delights in His saints, those who love and honor Him in worship. He is our defender against the evil one who despises those that are holy and upright.

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Fearful To Fearless

Fearful to Fearless Fearful To Fearless: biblical truths to inspire you to live a life free of fear and to worship God.

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Fearful To Fearless brings together almost 400 passages of scripture to demonstrate or direct us to not be afraid, to not worry or be anxious, to look to Christ for strength and comfort, and be transformed to have a worshipful fear and awe of God. Each passage is accompanied by a short biblical truth to help provide clarity and encouragement.

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