Psalm 112:08

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Psalm 112:08

He is not worried or afraid; he is certain to see his enemies defeated.

Psalm 112:8 (GNT)

Even though we may experience troubles and adversity we will not be anxious or afraid, for we know that the Lord is able to deliver us and that our spiritual enemies are destined for defeat.


One comment on “Psalm 112:08

Thank you for you wisdom

It’s July 5, 2011 Tuesday @10:32 pm. I posted the date so that you readers can see how faithful our God is, in January of this year I was faced with a spirit if anxiety, I just wanted to die, The devil told me to kill myself. I’m here today because of Gods unfailing love and word. Every once and a while I still battle with it, but he always sends me his word, and it saves me. I’m reminded of a song Rascal Flats sings, “every day he saves me” I was struggling a little tonight and here this was. I take great joy to know I’m not the only one he’s trying to attack.

God bless you. Ms. Deameatrice out of Milwaukee WI.

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