biblical truths on fear and worry

Do Not Worry Preview

A preview of scripture that identifies those passages that demonstrate and direct us to not worry or be anxious.

Don’t Worry Scripture Preview

  • Psalm 116:05-09
    In faith we place ourselves in the protection of our Father. We commit ourselves to walk by His side without fear or worry for He has rescued our soul from death.
  • Psalm 037:01-02
    Having a spirit of content and confidence in God is sufficient to keep us from being envious of the success and prosperity of men.
  • 1 Samuel 09:19-20
    If a prophet can provide answers to questions that have yet to be asked, how much more can God understand our thoughts and deepest worries from far off?
  • Leviticus 25:18-21
    When we cast our cares on the Father we demonstrate trust and reliance on Him and have assurance of His protection and blessed provision.
  • Genesis 45:03-05
    What a comfort it is that Christ is close by to reassure us when we are afraid and to forgive when we are filled with remorse.
  • Genesis 21:12-13
    When we are clear in knowing what God expects of us, we are more able to make difficult choices without worry.
  • 1 Corinthians 07:32-35
    Seek wisdom regarding your earthly responsibilities, be careful not to worry or be overly consumed with things of the world.
  • Acts 20:09-12
    Satan will stop at nothing to keep us from God. Do not be worried or alarmed at what Satan desires for evil, for God can use all things for His good.
  • Luke 10:40-42
    When we are caught up and worried about the details of this life we are distracted and negligent from hearing the word of the Lord.
  • Luke 02:48-49
    Seek the peace of Christ to quiet our worries and follow His example of putting the Fathers work ahead of all other business.


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